General Apollo Variations
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Below are the various Apollo variations that you may encounter. We are showing both cartridge and label variations to help you better understand what you are looking for.

Apollo mold - I scanned the two carts sort of on top of each other. They are the same size, the top one is shifted a little to the right. The top cart is the variation that has the Apollo 1.8" wide, the bottom has it 1.6" wide. Take a normal ruler to determine which variation you own in your collection.

Posts - With the scan below, we point out the notched and square posts. The top is the notched post. It looks almost like a 2 prong fork. I have 2 arrows here, the arrow above the post is smaller and shows the width of the notch, the one below it shows the width of the post. The bottom cart has 1 arrow, showing the width of the square post.

Labels - Shown here is the example of Space Chase. We're showing you what the regular version of a label (on the left) looks like along with the "stick" label version (on the right). Most titles have stick versions.